Markem Imaje Releases Touch Dry Ink And Printers

2009-11-09 09:39:20

Published on 2009-11-09 09:39:20

Markem-Imaje has released a new range of printers with Touch Dry liquid ink technology.

The Touch Dry hot-melt ink instantly dries on contact without any bleeding or fading, making it ideal for precise printing needs such as the production of barcodes.

This new ink has been released in conjunction with a series of high resolution inkjet printers that are able to print on corrugated surface as well as wrapping films.

Markem-Imaje said that its 5000 series is "GS1 compliant [with a] wide range of addressable substrates including matte and glossy outer cartons and films".

It added the series is well suited to any user who "requires multiple jetting orientations or just needs to print decoration or readable barcodes".

The new products is also well suited or other print medium where an instantly drying ink is necessary, such as in the printing of t-shirts.

These printers however are very large, with industrial looking frames and a sizeable appearance, making them less ideal for home printing.

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