Ink Cartridge Manufacturer Embraces E Waste Scheme

2009-11-10 13:09:07

Published on 2009-11-10 13:09:07

Ink cartridge and printer manufacturer Xerox has announced its inclusion in Australia's National Product Stewardship Policy.

Under the new scheme, people will be able to drop off all IT equipment such as printers, fax machines and computers for free recycling by the government.

Australia's environmental ministry hope to have 80 per cent of all TVs, computers and electronic materials in the country recycled by 2021.

Nick Kugenthiran, managing director of Fuji Xerox Australia, said that the move will ensure that "IT equipment is recovered at end-of-life to preserve finite resources and reduce e-waste to landfill".

He added: "For more than a decade, Fuji Xerox Australia has taken responsibility for all end-of-life products, either remanufacturing or recycling equipment, parts and toner cartridges to achieve over 99 per cent resource recovery."

According to the Australian government statistics, 16.8 million televisions, computers and computer products reached their end of life-span in the period of 2007-08, with 84 per cent ending up in landfills and only ten per cent getting recycled.

Posted by Angelina Jolessi.

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