Portable Printing Becomes A Possibility

2009-11-11 10:33:34

Published on 2009-11-11 10:33:34

A leading printer manufacturer has released a portable version of the usually large and bulky office printer.

It has been designed for use with portable devices such as modern netbooks and smartphones, as portability has become an increasingly pressing issue among consumers.

The Dell Wasabi PZ310 is a portable printer designed to be used for printing on the go, with Bluetooth capability allowing it to be connected to smartphones and blackberries.

Dell's miniscule device is wireless and only 8 oz in weight, and measures approximately 2.9 inches by 4.8 inches by 0.9 inches, making it handily pocket-sized.

The tiny device, however, does suffer from small print sizes and a low pixel rate, due to its stature, printing images that are two inches by three inches, and only having a pixel rate of 640x960.

Posted by Ramsey Dehani.

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