Woman Faces Charges Over False Cartridge Returns

2009-11-12 15:11:08

Published on 2009-11-12 15:11:08

A woman in Willmar, Minnesota is facing charges for allegedly making $5,800 (£3,483) in fake ink cartridge returns at an office supply store where she worked.

The West Central Tribune reported that Kelly Marie Lipinski was released on 'personal recognisance' (on her honour that she would return to court) and is due to return to Kandiyohi County District Court on January 11th.

She is also banned from having any contact with the local Office Max or with its employees, pending trial.

According to the store's complaint to the district courts, they found that there had been a large number of cash refunds for ink cartridges logged by Ms Lipinski and they contacted the local police.

The store said that ink cartridges that have been returned to are not re-inventoried as they have usually already been opened.

When Office Max found a customer who had made one of the alleged returns and questioned them they denied having returned any ink cartridges to the store.

Officials at the office supply shop also allege that, upon interviewing Ms Lipinski, she confessed to issuing fake refunds and then taking money from the tills.

Ms Lipinski is also claimed to have written an admission of guilt to Office Max.

Last month, a couple in Surrey were convicted of selling £200,000 worth of fake ink cartridges on eBay and Amazon.

Posted by Elaine Richards.

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