Laser Versus Inkjet The Pros And Cons

2009-11-16 08:44:56

Published on 2009-11-16 08:44:56

A leading printing blog has argued for the pros and cons of each model in order to decide which the best choice is for a consumer.

The first thing considered is the efficiency of the printer in terms of time. While this may not be of great importance to light home use, it is crucial to firms and businesses who need to print off vast amounts of paperwork.

As laser printers can print a page in less than five seconds, they are certainly a time management asset.

This aspect is also directly associable to the print quality, as laser printers use high levels of heat to melt toner powder onto the page, the result is usually instantaneously dry, compared to an inkjet print which can be left "dripping with ink".

Even the large cost difference between the two was not taken as a vast negative, as the difference in price between ink toners and ink cartridges works out in the expensive laser printer's favour in the long term.

Despite their high price tag laser printers were found to be indispensable for those who need high quality and quick prints on a large scale.

Posted by Elaine Richards

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