Charity Auction For Celebrity Printer To Be Held

2009-12-03 09:46:57

Published on 2009-12-03 09:46:57

A charity auction to sell off the printer of US television personality Jay Leno will be held this month.

The Dimension SST 1200es 3D printer was used on Jay Leno's Garage and has been publicised in several magazines such as Popular Mechanics and the Men's Journal.

It has also been featured on and will be autographed by the television host before the ceremony.

All proceeds from the winning bid for the printer will be given to a charity that Leno supports.

Bernard Juchli, the garage manager, said that "the Dimension 3D printer has been a great help in the Big Dog Garage".

He added: "When we got the printer, we didn't know the variety of ways we could use it, or that it would allow us to approach projects differently."

The minimum bid for the prize is $10,000 (£6,008).

By Angelina Jolessi

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