Guide To Buying A Photo Printer

2009-12-03 09:06:21

Published on 2009-12-03 09:06:21

Top tips on choosing a photo printer this Christmas have been published by a leading IT magazine.

Choosing the best photo printer to suit your needs can be costly however, with inkjet and colour laser printers being offered as a cheaper option to the more specialised snapshot printer, according to the guide from PC World magazine.

Whereas colour laser printers were found to be of greater use in printing text, inkjets are given as a possible option as long as you locate one with as many varied colours as possible offers for more photo-realistic results.

The guide also advises that customers compare real prints from different products before choosing, comparing shading and the details in hair and fabric-weaves on the picture to decide which produces the best results.

Future ink costs are also highlighted as something for consideration as certain printers can be inefficient in their ink use, resulting in costly bills for additional cartridges.

By Elaine Richards.

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