Soy Based Ink And Toner Cartridges Now Available

2009-12-03 09:43:47

Published on 2009-12-03 09:43:47

Soy-based toner and ink cartridges are now available in an attempt to reduce the industry's reliance on petroleum-based products.

The cartridges have been sold throughout the US and Canada this year and now the manufacturer, SoyPrint, is extending its reach abroad.

Richard Greenlaw, vice president of the company, announced the launch of a new generation of toner cartridges in conjunction with the company's first soy-based ink cartridges for inkjet printers.

He added: "SoyPrint's next generation of toner will be licensed in 2010 to cartridge manufacturers worldwide so they can produce these eco-friendly products in their own countries."

Currently, several hundred million toner and ink cartridges containing petroleum-based products are sold around the globe every year, according to the company.

The new products replace this with soybean oil.

Mr Greenlaw added that SoyPrint toner and SoyJet cartridges will be available in the new year.

The news of the product comes after an increased drive among both consumers and environmental groups to encourage recycling of ink and toner cartridges, with the several vendors now offering recycling services.

By Hani Megerisi.

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