US Bureau Cancels Printer For Cash Drive

2009-12-04 09:48:05

Published on 2009-12-04 09:48:05

The US Bureau of Engraving and Printing has cancelled its drive to convince employees to return their printers.

Workers were previously being offered $75 (£45.18) gift cards if they returned their individual printers to the agency, but plans were scrapped earlier this week after an email was sent around the bureau informing employees of the scheme's abrupt end.

This was after the Washington Post and Californian Congressman Darrell Issa launched enquiries into the bureau's move.

Claudia Dickens, a spokeswoman for the agency, said: "We have suspended any activities related to the printers … for now, everyone gets to keep their printer."

Over 500 staff at the bureau, which deals mainly in the printing of money, have their own printers in order to minimise the loss or compromise of sensitive documents.

The move was initially advertised to employees in the Washington Post, but drew criticism from Mr Issa after he claimed it "defied common sense".

By Ramsey Dehani.

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