Customers Told To Not Focus On Cartridge Volume

2009-12-07 09:05:34

Published on 2009-12-07 09:05:34

Ink cartridge shoppers have been warned not to focus on the amount of ink in the unit when shopping for good deals.

Consumers should instead look at which unit prints the most pages per cartridge, according to IT website

Realising that the volume is irrelevant compared to the amount of pages that each unit can print allows shoppers to locate the most cost-efficient ink cartridges and printers, the site argued.

M David Stone, a writer for the IT site, said that many people "who move up from an inkjet to a colour laser are shocked by the difference in cartridge prices between the two technologies … however, these are the wrong numbers to focus on".

He added: "The answer depends on how many pages each cartridge can print. If [a] $50 (£30) cartridge prints 250 pages and [a] $100 cartridge prints 500, they're the same value."

Shoppers were also reminded to check the ink efficiency levels of printers before purchase as this could save needless expenses on extra ink.

By Giles Franklin

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