Printing Emails Is Unnecessary

2009-12-08 13:03:24

Published on 2009-12-08 13:03:24

Printing emails and web pages is a waste of ink and paper, according to a leading IT magazine.

Using your printer only when necessary is the best way to save money on ink costs.

Even when printing such items is necessary, cropping a page into its relevant bits can save large quantities of ink as users can cut out lengthy email signatures or colourful website banners.

Kirk McElhearn of, who also writes for the IT magazine, said that often the case with printing web pages is that "you may end up with a bunch of paper - only one page of which includes the content you wanted".

He added: "Depending on how a web page is laid out, Apple's Safari and other web browsers may want to print it in strange ways. You may find that side columns end up printed below the main content, or that large swaths of content at the footer of a page may create an entirely new page."

Users were also reminded that many websites offer printer-friendly options for their pages, which centre the page and its relevant borders to stop the unit placing borders and other items on separate sheets of paper.

Posted by Elaine Richard

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