Mont Blanc In Indian Courts Battle

2009-12-09 09:52:28

Published on 2009-12-09 09:52:28

Swiss pen manufacturer Mont Blanc is currently embroiled in a court battle in India over its use of images of Mahatma Gandhi in an advertising campaign.

The government ruled that the use of the image on the pens' nibs violated Indian law.

Minister of state for consumer affairs KV Thomas said the depiction of Gandhi violated the Emblems and Names (Prevention of Improper Use) Act of 1950.

The white gold pens have 18-carat gold nibs featuring engravings of the political figure.

Mont Blanc were set to sell only 241 of the limited edition models, which was meant to symbolise the miles that Gandhi travelled during the 1930 Dandi march in his peaceful uprising against British rule.

However, the company were also set to develop a further 3,000 roller ball pens with similar depictions, although they did not comment on the significance of this number, if any.

The price tag of the original 241 was set at 12 million Rupees.

By Ramsey Dehani

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