Corporate Printing Market Is Changing

2009-12-11 12:53:35

Published on 2009-12-11 12:53:35

Increased awareness of print services and multi-function printing technology are changing the corporate printing market, an industry commentator has said.

This is combined with the falling costs of printer hardware, especially in colour printers, according to IT research firm Gartner.

Frederico de Silva Leon, a principal analyst at Gartner, said that "concerns about the cost of hardware, paper, and consumables, as well as the move to adopt green, or environmentally-friendly technologies, is combining with falling print volumes to drive customers to adopt new printing technologies".

He added: "However, while the adoption of colour printing in the corporate environment grows, customers are more and more concerned about the cost of colour. About 90 per cent of documents in an office environment are printed in monochrome, but the ten per cent of documents which are printed in colour account for 50 per cent of their printing costs."

Gartner estimated that if a colour printing costs per page decreased by a further two cents (1.12p) businesses could save $1,000 a year.

By Elaine Richards

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