Rugby Star In Ink Cartridge Case Dropped By Club

2009-12-21 08:57:23

Published on 2009-12-21 08:57:23

Gareth Raynor, a winger for Hull FC, has terminated his contract with the club following allegations of ink cartridge counterfeiting and fraud, as well as a 12-month foot injury.

He is facing charges in April next year for the trading of fraudulent ink cartridges, according to local newspaper the Hull Mail.

The 31-year-old winger has also been plagued by a foot injury, which has dogged him for the past 12 months of his career.

His club are not planning on renewing the player's contract beyond 2010, the paper reported.

Mr Raynor has been a part of the club, nicknamed the Black and Whites, for eight years, as well as playing internationally as a winger.

According to a report earlier this month by the Hull Mail, team newcomers Sean Long and Craig Fitzgibbon are currently at the front of the queue to captain the team in 2010.

By Giles Franklin.

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