New Printer Versus Ink Refills

2009-12-22 09:34:33

Published on 2009-12-22 09:34:33

A leading IT news site has analysed whether it is more cost efficient to replace your printer rather than to buy replacement ink cartridges.

With the price of inkjet printers at a low, due in part to the recession's impact on retail markets, buying a new unit could arguably be cheaper than forking out for expensive new cartridges, according to PC World.

Ian Paul, a writer for the IT site, said: "Inkjet printers require one black and one colour cartridge to work, and buying brand name replacements for both can cost $40 (£24.87) to $60. But it's relatively easy to find an adequate printer - one that comes with free ink in the box with the purchase - for less than that price.

"So, when faced with spending $50 on ink, it seems economical (NOT environmental) to just pick up a second, third, or fourth backup printer instead. When one printer's ink dries up, throw it away and break out the new printer."

However, Mr Paul found that the main problem in this hypothesis was that printers do not come with a full supply but are equipped with 'starter' cartridges which are only roughly half full.

The site found that certain companies do in fact offer models that are cheaper than buying replacement cartridges, with HP's Deskjet D1660 being sold online for $29.99, $2 less than the replacement cartridges.

By Giles Franklin.

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