3D Printable Images Created By UK Firm

2010-01-06 08:55:18

Published on 2010-01-06 08:55:18

A company in Yorkshire has created a range of heat presses for multi-dimensional printing.

The Sublideck machines use special ink to mould images onto printed media around a shaped object, using a combination of infrared heating and vacuum pressure to mould the image into shape.

Octi-Tech, the Yorkshire-based company that created the machine, said that the new presses could be used in a number of different applications, including graphic design for car parts, consumer electronics, sports gear, packaging, household appliances, architectural features, fashion products, laptops and mobile phone covers

The company added: "Sublideck's range of dimensional presses allows you to vastly expand the range of products and substrates available for digital decoration. 3D sublimation opens doors to creativity and profitability … [allowing users to] decorate odd and unusually shaped items with high quality images and designs."

By Ramsey DeHani.

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