Consumer Groups Want More Info As Ink Cartridge War Heats Up

2010-01-15 10:49:11

Published on 2010-01-15 10:49:11

Consumer advocates have called on the ink cartridge manufacturing industry to provide them with more information on weighting and measuring, reports a US newspaper.

This comes as the debate of ink prices has been heavily reignited by calls from government agencies to put more legislative pressure on printer cartridge manufacturers' product information transparency, reports the Los Angeles Times

Steve Everly, a reporter for the newspaper, said that consumers argue the "lack of information from manufacturers" on ink volumes in cartridges only "aggravates" animosity to the industry.

He added: "One recent study even estimated that consumers could save billions of dollars a year if they were armed with full information about how much it would cost to operate various printers.

"Consumer advocates' push for more information has been getting some attention lately, setting up a showdown between regulators and cartridge manufacturers over how the cartridges are labelled."

Last year, several reports on the printer and ink cartridge manufacturing industry found that ink was more expensive per litre than vintage Dom Perignon champagne

By Giles Franklin

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