Avoid Using Flash When Photographing Tots

2009-06-29 07:18:36

Published on 2009-06-29 07:18:36

Capturing a youngster's first years needs some consideration when it comes to how to use the camera, a printer and ink blog has suggested.

It advised those who want to photograph their baby to avoid using the flash as it can startle the child and make it uncomfortable.

According to the Printer & Ink Cartridges Blog, natural light suits tots better anyway because it will highlight their features.

Other tips on getting the best images of little ones include removing distractions and being "part of the story".

It added: "To tell a story through your photos, include a part of you in the frame without taking the focus away from the baby."

Other subjects covered recently on the blog were the advantages of multi-function printers and how to take better pictures. Suggestions included being closer to the subject and not always making them pose in the centre of the shot.

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