Separate ink cartridges on Epson Stylus SX415 promise less waste

2009-08-17 08:30:05

Published on 2009-08-17 08:30:05

The Stylus SX415 promises rapid and ink-efficient printing

Epson's Stylus SX415
offers customers increased flexibility and more efficient use of resources thanks to its separate ink cartridges, it has been claimed.

According to PC Advisor, the device is equipped with separate tanks for each colour, meaning that users need only replace the ones that have run out.

Epson SX415 Review

In a review of the device, the website explained that it has a wide-range of support for memory cards and a 2.5ins LCD screen "in keeping with the Epson Stylus SX415's tidy and modern looks".

However, it suggested that while the printer is incredibly quick for an inkjet - it had an average top speed of 13.6 pages per minute during testing - this is still only a third of the figure quoted by Epson.

What's more, the review noted: "In typical Epson style, this bitingly fast figure is notched up only through the text being so faint you can barely see it."

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