HP UV Printer Ink Best For Posters

2009-09-14 20:29:47

Published on 2009-09-14 20:29:47

Ultraviolet (UV) printer ink is perfect for producing outdoor signage and posters, according to a large format print service provider.

SMP Group believes that the Hewlett Packard (HP) Scitex XP5300 Printer - which is able to combine high-quality UV inks with industry-leading print speeds - enables the group to increase its productivity by producing more applications in less time.

The Woolwich-based organisation, which has won the UK Poster Printer of the Year award for eight out of the last ten years, has installed the machine in order to produce super-wide format displays.

Production director at the company Mark Turner commented that the printer will enable the firm to deliver award-winning quality printing in the five-metre market.

"The HP Scitex XP5300 Printer has all the capabilities we need, giving SMP the very highest specification printer we could buy. It has the latest in UV technology, ensuring it’s the right machine for the job," he added.

Last week HP announced that it has started work on technology able to produce documents that can be subjected to magnetic ink character recognition processes.

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