Top Tips For Less Expensive Printer Ink

2009-11-03 08:56:15

Published on 2009-11-03 08:56:15

Customers buying ink cartridges should always consider the cost of their printer before making a purchase.

This is the recommendation from, which explained that many printer manufacturers sell their printers at a loss in the hope that they can sell printer ink for higher prices.

Potential customers are advised by the website to ask a salesperson what the price per page of each printer is, while sticking to the golden rule: "the cheaper the printer, the dearer the cartridges".

The website also says that customers should buy their ink cartridges online, which can offer "significant savings".

Generic cartridges should also be considered because they can cost a minimum of 20 per cent less than better-known brands without a reduction in quality, while refills are also a less expensive way of obtaining printer ink.

Ink cartridge customers looking to make their cartridge last longer can opt to use the draft mode, which allows documents to be printed in grey-scale.

Printer users have also been advised to never let their ink cartridge to run fully dry. This is because the remaining ink can choke up the printer's nozzle.

Posted by Jim Ottewill

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