Tips on printing from Google Nexus One

2010-01-29 14:01:58

Published on 2010-01-29 14:01:58

Printing from a Nexus One is different from an iPhone, it has been claimed.

A leading printer and ink cartridge blog has offered users of Google's new smartphone tips on how to print their pictures.

Despite their similarities as smartphones, printing from the Nexus One is not the same as using an iPhone, for which printer and ink cartridge manufacturers such as Epson have already made applications to print with.

While there is currently no wireless equipment which can be used with the Nexus One, a simple USB connection to a computer can be used, with the necessary cables coming equipped with the device, according to the Printerinkcartridge blog.

In addition, users may also send their pictures to a computer via the phone's Bluetooth software, eliminating the need for wires, but those who do are advised to be within an eight-metre range of the computer which they are transferring their files to.

Google unveiled their new phone at the beginning of this month, which incorporates the company's Android smartphone software, in use by several other devices from companies such as Motorola.

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By Sam Smith

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