Euromold Highlights 3D Printers Potential

2010-02-08 18:34:41

Published on 2010-02-08 18:34:41

3D printers are becoming more affordable for home consumers, it has been suggested.

Consumers can expect to shop for ink cartridges for 3D printers in the not-too-distant future following their popularity at the recent Euromold event in Germany.

This is the suggestion of European Plastics News' David Vink, who referred to comments made by Catherine Hayes, 3D Systems' vice president of global marketing.

She believes that 3D printers are becoming more accessible thanks to prices falling under €10,000 (£8,758).

3D Systems displayed its SystemsV-Flash Desktop Modeler printer at the Frankfurt event, one such model having recently fallen into this price bracket.

Also unveiled was the Solido SD300 Pro, which is on the market for €2,950 (£2,583).

DigitalArts reported yesterday (February 7th) that its soon-to-be-released 3D Print System will work with customers using its Finepix Real 3D camera, allowing users to print three-dimensional images.

Fujifilm's printer will be capable of combining a number of images reflecting different angles, allowing the viewer to see depth of field.

It will be capable of printing four different sizes between 6x4 and 6x9 inches.

Posted by Elaine Richards

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