Japanese Company Develops Paperless Printer

2010-02-08 18:40:01

Published on 2010-02-08 18:40:01

Sanwa Newtec has developed a paperless printer, although customers may be put off by its price tag

Printer ink customers can be more economical thanks to the development of new technology which does not require printer ink, although they need to be prepared to splash the cash to pay for it.

Japan-based Sanwa Newtec has unveiled its RP-3100 printer, which is capable of printing on the same sheet of special paper as many as 1,000 times, Thinq.co.uk reports.

The A4 mono only device uses an innovative thermal head and sensitive plastic sheets. It requires no toner cartridges or printer ink but its hardware costs $5,600 (£3,580).

Each sheet of paper is priced at $3.35 (£2.14), although they are only available in packs of 1,000.

While the technology is undoubtedly impressive, the price could mean that standard ink cartridges will be in demand for a number of years yet.

The plastic sheets the RP-3100 uses can be wiped then re-used, so it is possible to save money long term, providing that most are returned.

In addition to the RP-3100, Sanwa Newtec, which was established in 1970, has established a card reader and writer product.

Posted By Amy Martins

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