Ink Cartridge Refills Are Environmentally Friendly

2010-02-09 18:24:41

Published on 2010-02-09 18:24:41

Ink cartridge refills 'are environmentally friendly

Refilling empty printer ink cartridges is a great way for those who regularly use their printers to save some money and help the environment, it has been suggested.

According to CartridgeCom, this is because it can take up to three litres of oil to make an ink cartridge and as well as this, the majority of ink cartridges often end up on landfill sites.

This increases the product's impact on the environment, as it does not decompose well and adds to daily waste produced by society.

However, refillable ink cartridges are easily available and can also save the user money.

A recent study found that the sales of third-party ink cartridges and refillable units had increased during the global economic downturn.

This occurred as both consumer and corporate printer users sought to save money by reusing their refillable ink cartridges, the study by Lyra Research found.

By Angelina Joless

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