Stationery expert advises consumers on keeping printing costs down

2010-02-25 16:48:38

Published on 2010-02-25 16:48:38

Stationery expert advises consumers on keeping printing costs down

A stationery supply expert has written a column on Bloomberg Business Week that contains valuable advice for both businesses and homes on how to cut down printer waste.

Printer ink can be expensive, as can toner and the actual paper itself, so in addition to always recycling any printer ink cartridges, there are other methods of cutting down outgoings related to the all-important office function of printing.

Firstly, the expert recommends modifying the default margins on documents to a half-inch or less, so that more text fits on each page, thus reducing paper usage.

Similarly, he recommends using both sides of a sheet of paper, if a printer supports this and if it is appropriate for the type of printing requiring, as this can obviously cut paper usage in half.

He writes: "Eliminate unnecessary pages by ensuring that cover pages or separator pages, which unnecessarily use paper are not used.

"Use 'draft' settings and encourage your users to use 'draft' print quality - which uses less ink and prints more quickly - especially for documents being printed for reference purposes."

By Canzil Ahmed

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