Printer cleaning tips revealed

2010-03-02 10:34:15

Published on 2010-03-02 10:34:15

The best ways to clean a printer have been revealed to help minimise everyday wear and tear of the essential items.

Taking good care of a printer can make it last longer and help the device to perform its tasks to a higher standard in the face of everyday wear and tear and the negative effect that dirt and dust can have on performance.

A blog entry on the If It Prints I'll Let You Know site has suggested some valuable tips on how to keep printers and ink cartridges clean and lasting longer.

It recommends cleaning your printer at least once a week by using any lint-free cloth dampened with a mild disinfectant or water to clean away dust.

Once this is cleaned it recommends opening up the printer to reveal where the ink cartridges are and using a vacuum to suck out dirt and dust from the printer.

On the subject, the blog's author wrote: "Printing a blank page can usually help in picking up dust, stray ink or toner and lint trapped where your hands can't reach.

"This will help you save up from buying several inkjet or laser cleaning products that say they will get rid of dust, dried ink and paper debris from the feed rollers, thermal head and toner drum."

By Jamie Foster

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