3D Printers Will Be In The Home In Ten Years Experts Reckon

2010-05-11 16:35:01

Published on 2010-05-11 16:35:01

Home computer users will be able to enjoy affordable 3D printing within the next ten years, it has been claimed.

Hailed as the future of printing, the London Evening Standard has reported that, while the cost of machines and printer ink cartridges capable of producing three-dimensional images may currently be prohibitive to all but the wealthiest computer users, ever-evolving technology means that this will not always be the case.

Indeed, the newspaper has cited technology experts who believe that all UK homes will be able to benefit from 3D printer ink technology within the next decade.

As well as producing pictures, it is anticipated that the next generation of home machines will make use of cartridges containing liquid plastic rather than printer ink, with this then used to produce solid objects, such as children's toys, in the home from designs downloaded off the internet.

The report added that Hewlett-Packard recently launched its first mass-market 3D printer, though this comes with a £16,000 price tag and is mainly aimed at corporate users such as designers and architects.

This comes as it has been confirmed that Men in Black 3 will be the latest movie to be released in 3D.

Posted by Johnny McMaster

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