Test All Possibilities When Replacing Printer Ink

2010-05-24 16:17:33

Published on 2010-05-24 16:17:33

Individuals have been encouraged to test all possibilities when considering the best way to replace an empty ink cartridge.

Sarah Meyer, the editor or PrinterComparison.com, has highlighted for the website that there are numerous options for people when they have run out of printer ink. These include purchasing a typical set of ink cartridges, opting for cheaper refills, buying a compatible cartridge or replacing the printer as a whole.

Ms Meyer suggested that only through testing all of the option once will individuals have a clearer indication on which to follow. She said: "Buy a new set of original ink cartridges and see how long they last. Track the printing you typically do and see which colours deplete the quickest.

"Then run similar tests with a cheaper generic cartridge and see how long they last and make sure the quality is still up to par."

Meanwhile, Printer.com recently suggested that printing documents in draft mode is one technique that could be utilised to make ink last longer.

By Jamie Foster

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