eBooks Could Reduce Printer Ink Need In Five Years

2010-06-09 10:14:48

Published on 2010-06-09 10:14:48

A reduced amount of printer ink may be required in the coming years because of the rise in demand of eBooks, it has been stated.

According to the Daily Telegraph, Steve Haber, the president of Sony's digital reading division, explained how he has changed his mind in relation to the time it will take eBooks to outsell physical printed copies. The publication reports that he said: "Within five years there will be more digital content sold than physical content. Three years ago, I said within ten years but I realised that was wrong - it's within five."

This is despite the fact that Mr Haber has no evidence to back up his belief and that The Publishers Association recently told PC Pro that eBook sales are only thought to be responsible for five per cent of the market.

Meanwhile, an increasing number of devices being introduced into the marketplace provide owners with the chance to enjoy digital reading. However, the availability of works, the potential of a device to run out of power and durability are considered to be among the drawbacks of choosing eBooks.

By Angelina Jolessi

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