Printer Ink Users Should Seek Right Help With Problems

2010-06-30 16:47:23

Published on 2010-06-30 16:47:23

Individuals encountering problems with their printers or ink have been told to seek the right help in order to get their devices working properly again.

In an article for the Wall Street Journal, Isaac Arnsdorf reports that the printer ink getting clogged or drying out and paper becoming jammed were among the more common customer complaints.

Speaking to the publication, George Lemus, senior manager of ABC Computer Services, a New York repair company, believes that many people cause added problems for themselves by attempting to carry out their own repairs. He said: "With computers, people don't want to mess with it. But with a printer, everyone thinks he's a mechanic."

However, problems may be occurring less frequently compared with times gone by as HP has previously revealed that its inkjet printers were running into troubles 25 per cent less often in 2009 than in 2006.

 By Canzil Ahmed

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