The Difference between Compatible and Original Ink Cartridges

2010-07-15 16:57:31

Published on 2010-07-15 16:57:31
Some Ink customers may be wondering, what are the differences between Original Inks and Compatibles?
The first and foremost difference is most definitely the cost. Compatibles are cheaper, there's no two ways about it. However, sometimes it is worth looking into more than simple monetary value, namely in the print quality.
If you’re printing a page full of text, you almost certainly will not be able to tell the difference. This is great news for businesses who print a large quantity of text heavy documents, as compatibles would be the obvious choice due to their low cost per page. Images however, are a bit more complicated. Any drop in image quality in a photo will be a lot more obvious to the eye than text. 
For those who print to archive, another factor will become important, and that is the life-time of the prints. You will have to be careful in selected your compatibles when printing to archive, and look for ink cartridges with pigment inks as these are the longest lasting.
As environmental concerns go, recycling cartridges is highly worthwhile. With most managing to be reused up to 5-6 times before their performance suffers, in which event they are discarded. The more they can be reused, the less in the land fill.
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