Keep Ink in Liquid Form to Get Best Prints

2010-07-19 09:12:19

Published on 2010-07-19 09:12:19

Regular printers have been told that it needs to be ensured that ink remains in liquid form in order to avoid complications in the printing process.

John Dicarlo has explained for Article Snatch the technical process that takes place from when a person pushes the print button on their computer to the moment that ink makes it onto a sheet of paper.

He said: "At the time when the printer is given a signal to print, a current flows across the metal plate, which warms up the metal. Once the metal is heated the ink in the cartridge gets vaporised and gets converted into tiny bubbles. These bubbles egress from the nozzle, one at a time. This force drops the ink onto the paper."

However, he added that ink needs to pass through a cartridge smoothly in order to ensure good quality, which may not happen if a device has not been used on a frequent basis as the printer ink has begun to dry out.

This in turns can clog up a printhead, but a recent article on Boosh News suggested that the blocked print can be dissolved by rubbing alcohol.

By Canzil Ahmed

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