Designer Uses Printer Ink to Create Hip-hop Wrapping Paper

2010-08-06 16:06:33

Published on 2010-08-06 16:06:33

A graphic designer used printer ink as part of his project to create rap-themed wrapping paper. According to, Simon Hill, who lives in London, decided to create wrapping paper with a modern twist after struggling to find inspiring gift wrap.

Mr Hill told the news provider: "It all started on a shopping trip – I'd been out to buy some Nikes for my brother but was struck by what little choice there was for wrapping paper. I remember thinking, 'why would I want to wrap these amazing trainers in such bad gift wrap?' I continued the search online but all the paper was terrible."

So, armed with "a lot of A3 paper and gallons of printer ink", the designer set about creating Rapping Paper, which features lyrics from acts such as Eminem and Sugarhill Gang. It has proved very successful. What started as a bedroom project has flourished into a global hit, as Mr Hill has attracted Rapping Paper customers from as far as the US and Japan.

Whether it's for creative use, home or small business, printer ink can clearly be of benefit to everyone.

Posted by Canzil Ahmed.

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