Printer Problems Can Be Frustrating But Dont Worry

2010-08-13 11:11:50

Published on 2010-08-13 11:11:50

A blogger says he has replaced his printer three times over the past five years because he was unsure how to deal with simple problems like the head clogging up with ink and a "printer ink empty" error message.

Blogging at, Josh says that his printer drives him "crazy", and it was only after buying several printers that the writer decided to do some research – and unsurprisingly he found that the issues weren't as bad as he first thought.

One problem is a lack of printer ink use. Regular use of a printer keeps it in good shape. After all, isn't that what you bought it for? Not using a printer for a longish period of time will indeed result in dried ink getting stuck and clogged in the printer's head.

But this can be easily resolved by just checking the help guide and requesting your printer to perform a clean via the control panel – simple. No need to buy more ink cartridges, and certainly no need to buy another brand new printer!

Check out Internet-inks youtube videos for tutorials on how to unclog and reset you printer!

Posted by Barry Ashmore.

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