How to Dispose of Empty Printer Ink Cartridges

2010-08-26 09:19:09

Published on 2010-08-26 09:19:09

Businesses should ensure they treat the disposal of empty printer ink and toner cartridges separately from other general office supplies. This is important because ink cartridges can contain chemicals that may have a negative effect on health.

It is also vital proper care is taken over printer ink disposal since the ecological impact of wrong disposal is so large. The materials that make up printer ink cartridges, such as plastics, can take some 1,000 years to fully decompose after being sent to landfill.

The solution? Recycle your empty cartridges. You'll do your bit for the environment and could benefit from some cash rewards, too. After removing your empty ink cartridge from your printer, put it back in its original box if you can. 

Then take the empty cartridge to a recycling point or, if bought from a printer ink supplier, get involved in their recycling scheme. Internet-Ink, for example, collect empty ink cartridges via white recycling bags it includes with its recyclable ink cartridges.

Finally, ensure you securely pack the empty cartridge with bubble wrap or newspaper so it doesn't get damaged.

Boosh News recently suggested that firms that adopt a printer ink recycling strategy could significantly reduce their carbon footprints. visit www.cashforcartriges for more information on ink cartridge recycling.

Posted by Jamie Foster.

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