More and More Firms are Recycling Printer Ink

2010-09-02 09:38:04

Published on 2010-09-02 09:38:04

An array of businesses and organisations now place strong emphasis on recycling printer ink cartridges. This month a biological sciences department at a US university issued a call for donations of printer ink and toner cartridges to be used as part of its recycling programme.

According to, the biological sciences organisation of Louisiana State University at Alexandria asked for the donations of printer ink cartridges and cell phones. It said the items would be sent to a "zero-landfill" site.

Equally, the financial benefits were also highlighted. The university said all monies received as a result of the recycling process would go straight back into the operating kitty for the education centre's student organisation.

Why not think about recycling your firm's printer ink cartridges? According to Boosh News, setting up such a process could help enterprises reduce their carbon footprint and save money, too. "Your choice to recycle your printer cartridge saves money, and allows you to be environmentally conscious," the website site claimed.

Posted by Barry Ashmore.

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