Never Let Printer Ink Stocks Dry Up

2010-09-03 08:53:33

Published on 2010-09-03 08:53:33

Computer users should let their supplies of printer ink run out at their peril, a blog has stated.

A blogger at technology website said they were close to missing out on a great job opportunity – all because of low reserves of printer ink!

Speaking to client over the phone one day, the writer was informed that the project they were working on had proved interesting to the client. So much so, in fact, that the client wanted the blogger to fax them over a formal proposal. It looked like a creative partnership was on the cards!

The writer was given an hour time window to get things sorted. Easy enough, one might think. But no – they didn't have enough ink left to print out the necessary documents for faxing.

A mad dash ensued to the nearest printer ink shop, where a replacement ink cartridge was found and document fired off – only in the nick of time, mind.

The moral of the little tale? "I've learned from now on to be prepared. I have a supply of printer ink in the office room closet now for just these kinds of situations."

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Posted by Jamie Foster.

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