Printer Ink Cartridge Care Tips

2010-09-06 08:43:34

Published on 2010-09-06 08:43:34

It is often claimed that printer ink cartridges can be expensive. Sometimes you find a great deal on a printer, only to find the ink cartridges that go with it are a tad pricey. However, according to, with a bit of simple care and attention there's no reason to be worried. Just follow these tips and you'll be fine.

The first thing is to recognise that if you want something to last you have to take good care of it. The same goes for ink cartridges. An important tip is to never touch the copper plate at the head of an ink cartridge. The copper plates should have a plastic cover over them to protect from static electricity which could damage the head and, consequently, the printer itself.

Also, ensure you keep an eye on the quality of the prints your printer is producing. If you spot grainy lines or blurry bits, the cartridge head probably needs a good clean out. This can be easily done, the site says: "Usually, printers will possess a cleaning option for addressing just this issue. Try running the cleaning option and see if the printer’s blurriness disappears. It may take two or three cleanings to get it entirely cleared off."

Finally, always read the instructions that come with ink cartridges – different brands have different guidelines – so adhere to them.

If you are thinking of buying printer ink cartridges for the first time you will be interested to know that Canon's cartridges were recently praised for being amongst the most trusted on the market.

Posted by Barry Ashmore. 

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