Printer Ink Cartridges Recycling Success In Devon

2010-09-08 15:35:55

Published on 2010-09-08 15:35:55

Residents in a Devon town have hailed efforts to recycle items that include printer ink cartridges. Rubbish collection services in Torbay are set to change, prompting some criticism from locals, reported.

However, councillor Gordon Hook, Teignbridge Council's executive member for environmental services, told the newspaper that the area's recycling system should be looked at as a win-win situation. "If this new system can be made to work, then it is a real benefit to the environment, taking away poisonous waste from landfill sites," he said.

Residents in Teignbridge, who already operate under the system proposed for Torbay, have pointed to it as a model for recycling success. They have separate bins for printer ink cartridges and glass, as well as disposal facilities for other items like compost and plastic. "The system has very much settled down now and we have been in the top ten in the country for recycling in the last six or seven years," Mr Hook told the news provider.

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