How To Store Printer Ink Cartridges

2010-09-15 09:02:40

Published on 2010-09-15 09:02:40

If you operate a business that isn't constantly printing out reams and reams of documents, then you'll be familiar with the puzzle of what to do with half-full printer ink cartridges you won't be using for a while.

After all, you can't just leave them in the printer. Ink manufacturers warn against this because they are quite likely to leak – and that would be really frustrating. So what can you do with them?

If the cartridge contains a transport clip supplied with your cartridge then reapply till you are ready to use this cartridge.

Further, preventions include wipe with either a clean dry paper towel, check the print and replace into the printer. In terms of storage, store your spare cartridges in a dry place at room temperature as hotter temperatures will dry up your ink and cold temperatures will separate your inks and decrease the quality of your printing.

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