Can Ink Cartridges Be Frozen

2010-09-22 09:49:32

Published on 2010-09-22 09:49:32

It is certainly possible to freeze printer ink cartridges, but it is probably not a very good idea.

A contributor at, states that they only use one printer ink cartridge around every three months. The blogger wants to take advantage of cheap deals online, but notes that they are so inexpensive because they are usually running quite close to their expiration date. So would one solution be to simply freeze the ink cartridges, ensuring that the essential properties are protected?

Well, the idea that one can freeze ink cartridges is nothing but a myth, as responses to the hypothesis show. One user, William, warns against putting cartridges in the freezer, saying that they should in fact be kept sealed at room temperature. Anna notes that freezing ink will cause it expand and explode, which clearly would not sit too well amongst the frozen Yorkshire puddings!

Smedrik, who manufactures cartridges, said he was "annoyed by this "freezing them makes them last longer" misinformation that is going around", strictly warning against anything of the like. In fact, if looked after properly, there is absolutely no reason why printer ink cartridges can't last way beyond their expiration date.

The freezer? It's for food, not ink.

Posted by Johnny McMaster.

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