Inkjet Printers Could Halt the Death of the Newspaper

2010-10-07 08:55:00

Published on 2010-10-07 08:55:00

An innovative news tool that uses inkjet printers with other technologies to provide consumers with tailor-made daily newspapers could save the declining traditional newspaper industry.

According to John MacAyeal, writing for, one news service, together with editing tools and inkjet printers, is carving out a successful response to the recent decline of the standard traditional newspaper.

The author notes how several newspapers, including, for example, the Seattle-Post Intelligencer, have discarded their print editions in favour of online only. The Christian Science Monitor has also recently substituted its daily print edition to a weekly.

However, news provider niiu, with the help of editing tool Quark, and inkjet printers from supplier Oce, is bringing about the return of the daily printed newspaper in the face of its apparent decline.

This is how it works: its selling point is that consumers can build a newspaper entirely out of their own interests. Users create a profile specifying their particular interests. Niiu works by scouring the web for relevant news content, adhering to these interests, channelling them all finally in to what is a truly unique newspaper.

Printed out on an inkjet, which has an output of 3,000 36-page newspapers per hour, the paper is hand-delivered – yes, that's hand-delivered – to the customer's home.

Posted by Jamie Foster.

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