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2010-10-27 08:56:24

Published on 2010-10-27 08:56:24

Home working is becoming increasingly widespread, as employees look to adopt more flexible working methods. It can be beneficial for both workers and employers, too, cutting business costs and giving employees more leisure time, without reducing productivity. However, for home working to be really effective, the correct equipment must be acquired, thinq.co.uk says.

This is because home workers have different logistical needs. The size of a printer is important to consider, for example, because the amount of room at home won't be the same as in the workplace.

To that end, the website says an upright device may be the best option, considerably saving on space. And if an employee regularly does scanning and faxing as part of their work, they may want to consider a multifunction device, centralising all these different products into one unit.

"Choosing between inkjet or laser printer depends fundamentally on the volume of printing to be done, and how vital it is to produce high-quality output such as photo prints at home," the website suggests. For printer ink and other consumables, be wary of buying space-efficient products. This is because tall ink cartridges, for example, don't offer the same print output as traditional ones.

Home workers looking for a suitable inkjet printer may be interested in Epson's B–510DN, which recently won an Outstanding Achievement Award from the Buyers Laboratory Inc.

Posted by Johnny McMaster.

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