Dont Let the Ink Dry Up if Want to Keep Printing

2010-11-01 10:01:24

Published on 2010-11-01 10:01:24

Letting printer ink cartridges go unused for a long length of time will almost certainly lead to the ink in the cartridge drying up. That is the view of blogger Imee, writing for My Daily Business. She says that since leaving her printer untouched for "an extended period of time", the ink has completely dried up, meaning she has purchased a cartridge for nothing.

However, help may be at hand. She writes that a friend of hers, who works in IT, said that the problem may be remedied by soaking the bottom end of the cartridge in warm water, just for a few minutes. This could loosen up the dry ink, making the cartridge usable again, she says.

However, if this doesn't work, Imee knows what's coming: "If not, I shall have to buy a cleaning kit or buy a new printer ink cartridge." To ensure ink doesn't dry up, ensure you use your printer regularly, ideally once a week.

Posted by Jamie Foster

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