Vegetable-based Inks at Forefront of Green Innovation

2010-11-18 08:41:56

Published on 2010-11-18 08:41:56

One firm is leading innovative methods in working toward a better environment – by using vegetable-based printer ink. reports how Ram Printing, based in East Hampstead, New Hampshire, US, has been at the forefront of such innovation since the early 1980s.

Because the company uses vegetable-based inks, the need to use traditional inks, which often contain toxins that can damage the environment, is bypassed. Ram says that using such ink does not affect print quality.

"We've tried to be a leader in the industry ... not just in terms of our environmental practices, which have always been there, but in showing people that those steps don't have to compromise the product," John Sobczak, sales representative for the company, told the news provider. "We're really trying to show that the green options are also affordable," he added.

According to, vegetable-based inks emit lower rates (two to four per cent) of volatile organic compounds than petroleum inks (25 to 40 per cent).

Posted by Johnny McMaster.

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