Store Ink Cartridge Serial Numbers In Your Phone

2010-11-22 08:55:58

Published on 2010-11-22 08:55:58

People who regularly buy a range of different printer ink cartridges, perhaps for business use, may want to consider utilising their mobile phone to help them. It can be difficult to manage the upkeep of a large range of consumables, explains, so why not stick the model numbers in your phone?

The website has reported on an Unplggd blog piece that recommends storing product and part numbers on phones so they can be easily accessed when ordering ink consumables. Instead of looking at the back of an ink cartridge every time you want to re-order it, or relying on a scruffy piece of paper with the information written on, simply look the details up on your phone – simple!

"The next time an unexpected sale comes up - or you're just not around to look up a model number - you'll be prepared," the website said.

Recently, online shoppers were urged to be aware of the importance of their personal details in light of criminals duping people into buying anti-virus software that is actually malware.

Posted by Johnny McMaster.

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