How Can You Be Sure When Your Printer Says Ink Low

2010-11-23 09:20:39

Published on 2010-11-23 09:20:39

Your printer might tell you that the ink cartridge inside it is running low and needs replacing – but is that really the case? This is the problem one contributor to popular question portal Yahoo! Answers finds himself in.

"How do you know how much ink is REALLY left in the ink cartridge?" a frustrated Lee asks the online tech community. The problem is exacerbated, he adds, because printer ink cartridges are no longer transparent: Their black colour and lack of lid means it's difficult to tell. He's concerned that continued use of the cartridges will ruin his printer.

Shaking the cartridge sheds no further light – what to do?

According to William, the lack of a sloshing sound means the ink may have been absorbed by the cartridge's sponge. A good way to work out if it's empty, he writes, is to compare the weight with a full ink cartridge, or to inspect the quality of the printed documents.

However, Denver Al is more concrete: "You really can't tell," he says.

Just buy a new cartridge, Lee!

Posted by Fred Bugenhalgen

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