How To Stop Your Ink Cartridges Drying Up

2010-11-25 09:22:57

Published on 2010-11-25 09:22:57

Ink cartridges can clog or dry up if simply left in the printer for a long time. Ever wondered how to store your ink cartridges for future use?

All compatible ink cartridges from come fitted in a transport clip, you should keep this clip in a safe place. When you need to store your ink cartridges just take them out of the printer and place them back in the transport clip.

Most Internet-ink compatible colour cartridges are supplied in a clear Bowajet transport clip which has a grey soft rubber pad in the base of the clip this will seal the print head. Our black compatible cartridges normally have a green clip with a black pad in the base.

When you need to reuse the cartridge remove them from the transport clip wipe the print head with a peace of kitchen roll and check the print head.

Posted by Fred Bugenhalgen

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