Improve Your Password Security When Buying Printer Ink Online

2010-12-22 08:57:21

Published on 2010-12-22 08:57:21

People who regularly buy their printer ink online have been reminded of the importance of strong password security to protect their personal information.

Simon Heron, an internet security analyst at Redscan, said many users' private information is breached online simply because they use obvious passwords, and use them across multiple accounts.

Once you've got that simple password you've got the crown jewels - all their accounts that they're using that for," he said.

Recently, some well-known websites including Twitter, Yahoo! and LinkedIn asked their users to change their passwords after a hacker attack on Gawker Media.

It was revealed Gawker's users' most popular password was '123456'.

According to Imperva, the top 20 most commonly used passwords include, brilliantly, 'password', 'iloveyou', 'rockyou', 'babygirl', 'Qwerty' and 'monkey'.

"I don't think they take it seriously enough," Mr Heron said.

"Passwords are hard, and it's not the greatest thing we could do, but unfortunately it is the only way we currently have of authenticating people. Unfortunately, the person who is hurt most is the person who uses the weakest password.

Posted by Nicole Stevens.

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